Provider Engagement

Driving uncommon improvements in Risk Adjustment and Quality metrics by engaging providers in a respectful and efficient manner

For decades, Managed Care has besieged physicians with administrative chores.  Risk Adjustment and Quality Ratings have only made the demands more burdensome.  To escape this nasty spiral and engage in productive collaboration with your provider network, you need an approach that minimizes provider abrasion and alert fatigue.  Collabor8 supports this objective with efficient outreaches that complement the provider’s workflow.

Key features making Collabor8 the most sensible approach to provider engagement include:

  • Dynamic Intervention Planning that identifies the right intervention with the right provider at the right time, so that physicians are engaged efficiently and only when necessary
  • Provider alerts supported by Member Clinical Profiles
  • Provider Feedback Loop that facilitates bi-directional communication between the provider and the gap analytic process
  • Easily accessible, on-demand educational material that reinforces the importance of the provider’s role in Risk Adjustment and Quality programs

At the heart of Collabor8 is a Self-Service Portal for delivering member-specific “Provider Alerts” and a series of analytic dashboards for equipping the plan to manage the process.  This can be delivered independently or it can be embedded transparently within your existing portal using Single Sign-On (SSO) and SAML technologies.  The portal can be interwoven into your providers’ workflow and linked to their EMR to respectfully alert them to diagnostic coding opportunities.

Our dashboards and scorecards evaluate providers – from case mix and clinical performance to coding efficacy and diagnostic capture rates – in order to identify those in need of ongoing education and/or engagement.  Taken together, Collabor8 fuels a strategy that improves gap closure and reinforces the face-to-face patient visit.

Collabor8’s effectiveness is buttressed by field services that collaborate with your provider relations and network management teams to deliver comprehensive risk adjustment documentation and coding education, onsite or via webinar, to network providers and their support staff.  For plans seeking to out-source Intervention Management, Pulse8 will direct an efficient provider strategy and manage your intervention vendors to deliver the best possible ROI.

Collabor8 is the Provider Engagement and Intervention Management solution that choreographs the activities that truly make Pulse8’s gap closure approach the most pragmatic on the market.

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