EMR Analytics & Integration

Facilitating Payor/Provider collaboration and efficiency through the automated exchange of patient information to enable providers to make more informed decisions

Pulse8 is driven to improve the efficiency of provider and patient engagement initiatives and the confidence of gap closure efforts by adopting innovative data acquisition methodologies and incorporating additional data sets.

Key benefits to integrating with EMRs through Integr8:

  • Improved Efficiency: automating the extraction of CCD/medical record information, rather than relying on more costly and labor-intensive means of data collection, is faster and more efficient
  • Better Care Coordination: embedding analytics and alerts into the provider’s workflow, rather than sending faxes or requiring medical office staff to log into another portal, reduces the risk of anything falling through the cracks
  • Increased Revenue and Improved Quality Bonuses: faster turnaround times and better care coordination will elevate closure rates for documentation, coding, and quality gaps
  • Reduced RADV Audit Risks: nearly real-time verification of medical record documentation will confirm claims and coding accuracy
  • Improved Provider Relations - EMR integration represents the least intrusive method of collecting data from and returning insight to your provider network

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integration represents a quantum leap forward in this vein and Pulse8 is working with the leading EMR vendors in order to help payors and providers share data more efficiently, communicate more effectively, and ultimately address the myriad of quality measures and chronic disease gaps more completely.

Integr8 unites leading EMR systems with our Reveal8 engine to enable the bi-directional exchange of data:  Integr8 embeds advanced analytics into the provider’s workflow and extracts patient data from the Provider’s EMR.  Embedding analytics into the EMR enables the payor to push alerts to the provider for the closure of gaps in documentation, coding, and quality directly in the clinical setting.  Getting data directly from the EMR enables the payor to leverage the EMR’s expansive data set and reduce the number of manual chart reviews.  Regardless of the direction of the data flow, the benefits are the same:  greater efficiency for all and reduced administrative demands on your busy network providers.

Integr8 is the latest and boldest step in Pulse8’s ongoing journey to provide risk-bearing entities with the most pragmatic gap closure solution available anywhere.

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