Re-imagining data to help people live independent and healthy lives.

Pulse8 is the only cutting-edge healthcare analytics and technology company that delivers an unprecedented view into risk adjustment enabling health plans to achieve the highest financial impact in the Commercial Health Exchanges, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid markets.

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We are a compassionate team of thought leaders and industry experts focused on bringing our clients the best value through our advanced analytical solutions. We strive to enhance our clients’ products and services by providing innovative and transformative knowledge that will increase revenues, contain costs, improve products, and help people live healthier and longer lives. Our values, technology, experiences, and skills create a unique approach to solving many of today’s complex issues in healthcare.

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The production of high-quality, analytical output requires expertise and effective execution at numerous levels. Pulse8 combines the most advanced technology with human experience and knowledge to bring clients high-value analytical products through four critical areas:

  • Data Integration
  • Analytical Environment
  • Statistical Models & Algorithms
  • Privacy & Security

Pulse8 has created the most advanced IT and statistical software and combined it with a culture of excellence.

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Healthcare organizations including Qualified Health Plans (QHPs), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs), and many others are facing the difficult task of providing the highest levels of care while concurrently lowering costs and managing regulated payment models.  These sometimes conflicting priorities require thousands of decisions, from the programs to fund, to the networks required to manage care, to the types of data to collect from the many systems and infrastructures in place today.

Pulse8 provides solutions for the key population drivers leveraging evidence-based medicine and statistical analyses on datasets to define the most important questions the industry faces.

Pulse8 analytical products then provide the answers needed to solve the problem resulting in significant financial improvements.

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Predictive models are created by using data from the past to generate associations between variables; outputs from the models are then applied to new datasets to predict future events. Pulse8 views the health care industry in a similar way. We keep our eyes open to how the industry has evolved in the past to understand where it will go in the future.

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